All you need to know about Turkish gambling industry

While Turkey had formerly had a bustling casino sector, there is a strictly controlled sector where practically every gambling is outlawed. That said, such prohibitions and legislation did not genuinely deconflict citizens in countries because there are various passionate slots and casino gamers in Turkey.

This article examines why the Turkish government has decided to change its position on gambling, how the rules affect the players’ betist giriş of Turkey, and what sorts of gambling are permitted.

Turkish gambling history:

Turkey had a peaceful gaming relationship until the 1990’s — not encouraged, but not illegally. Then in 2007, the government prohibited physical and internet gambling in response to a large number of new regulations. After the establishment of the outright ban, the flourishing of unregulated internet casinos began. Then in 2013, the government again tightened rules and sentenced both casino operators and casino players to fines and imprisonments. As the ban continues, in Turkey, you can currently only enjoy three forms of gaming.

How to Legally Gamble Turkey:

As we discussed just now, in Turkey, there are just three authorized forms of gaming. The following are:

  • Betting on primary paths of horse
  • The state-owned IDDAA makes a sport bet
  • Milli Piyango, the nation’s lottery

While some online casinos accept players betist giriş from Turkey, the government has tried, through numerous IT tactics, to prevent people from accessing the websites.

Firstly, the government will ban and block all IP addresses it finds hosting or playing an online casino. You also redirect casino URLs to warning pages stating that those websites are not allowed.

Can I play at Turkey’s online casinos?

In Turkey, both physical gambling and outlaw online gambling, as indicated in this article. However, some people have not stopped themselves from enjoying the world of online casinos.

Many users use a VPN or a proxy to their IP address is not recognized for online casino games in Turkey. In addition, gamers often use e-wallet systems like Paypal to ensure they can’t monitor government casino deposits.

Future of online gambling:

Turkey’s restrictive attitude to gambling will not change soon. The future of online gambling in Turkey is very uncertain. The government conducted massive repression of illegal betting during the 2018 World Cup and bans and fines on players. That stated Turkey has been striving for quite a while to become an EU Member State that could have a favorable result for gambling fans. If Turkey intends to apply successfully to the EU, numerous rules are including gaming and media freedom are have to be relaxed. Accession to the EU could take many years, and thus we would certainly not encourage gaming in Turkey until that moment. The few sites that allow Turkish players are not the greatest compared with successful UK websites like Fable Casino. However, online gambling is not simply prohibited.


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